I thought I might take some photos this lunch time again for teh blog. First I have to make it through the morning. I forgot to bring my medication -_- And the intranet broke – eek! An interesting day so far…

It’s a beautiful day in my part of the world. The sun is shining and it’s not windy or anything. I could sit outside and just read a book. I could read my new book on Information Architecture, and then I’d be working too – right? I also have Gerry McGovern’s new book coming from Amazon soon – work buys me the best books to read!

I hope it stays fine for the weekend. Who knows? It’s miles off. I don’t trust the met service anymore – they keep getting it wrong. I want to go for a motocross ride. I haven’t taken my bike out in a while. Yep, that’s what I’ll do this weekend. Go do some insane stunts and go up and down some big hills and race around the track. So tempting to buy a new Ute instead of an Altezza -_- I hate having to borrow the van when I want to take the bike out.

Hmmm, time to go and do some damage control now… dang helpdesk letting me down.

But, before that… Someone made me a promise yesterday. Maybe they don’t realise how significant it is. I hope they know how much it meant to me, I’ve never slept so soundly. I never break a promise -_-

2 thoughts on “Promises…

  1. so if I break my leg, will you break my leg again so its broken in two places? Or break my other leg? cos if you break both my legs I’m going to be buggered.

    I’d have to make someone carry me around all day and give me baths and take me to the bathroom :P

    Wow, I hope to God I never become a cripple, how annoying would I be?

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