Moaning Michelle

Ohhh gutted. My insurance company thinks my operation is cosmetic! *rolleyes* Which means it’s not covered by my health insurance. So I am going to have to fork out a fair wad of cash for a private hospital. I’ve decided that I might just have to get it done in the public hospital. Which means I don’t need to wait too long as nobody wants to use the public hospital for plastic surgery right, they munt your face up. So I’m going in a few weeks for surgery with the public one and it’s gonna be painful and I’m really scared about my face -_- I’m probably going to end up looking like I’ve been attacked by Freddy Kruger. I hope people will still love me if something goes wrong.

/me is kinda scared :(
/me doesn’t wanna be fugly

On a good note, new sounds installed yesterday. They sound good. I took the scooby out and blasted some Disturbed and it sounded awesome. Then someone put Pussy Cat Dolls on and I nearly had to evict them from the car. PCD – euck.

Charlotte’s nana said she didn’t want to look after her anymore :( So I have to find a new caregiver. I think it’s going to be quite expensive. I already pay $200 to Kirsten to look after her at our house (free food, heating, Sky Digital TV, internet, car with petrol etc, etc) but it’s just not enough. I need to find a caregiver. If you want to look after a really sweet kid at my house and use my Sky Digital TV and internet, then you call me and we’ll work something out! Right before Christmas too, gah. >:(

So sleepy. Having such a shite day. What else is gonna happen, it comes in threes. I guess Oyn will break up with me now.

/me runs off crying

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