Oh for shame ;)

If you can find the typo on this page of our website (hint: it’s been updated, so you’ll need to use the image) then I’ll do you anything you like ;) (Within reason).

What a classic start to the day *giggles*

I thought this only happened in those joke emails. HAHAHA. You’ll probably need to go through to Picasa to get a really good look at it.

So we decided to do a bit of search on our MED website and see if we could find any others… and a real awesome one as well :p

And it’s not limited to just MED, it seems to be an across-govt initiative to spell public wrong. Search for pubic on the newzealand.govt.nz portal!

Ahhh immature humour is the best humour. -_- Well, it is here at MED.

4 thoughts on “Oh for shame ;)

  1. A month .. imagine how many people have read it, or not read it, cos its a lot of difficult english words saying nothing I understood.

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