Drag, drag, drag…

Sooo, we went down to the Melling Station and the highway tonight for a bit of a race.

1987 Mazda BFMR v 1994 Subaru STi WRX
SH2, Melling, Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand

Good times, good times. Our car did good ;) pwnd it on the first run, sat and spun peeling rubber on the second launch and got smoked by Freds WRX. What a nice WRX -_- He said I could buy it. I’m so tempted. DROOL.

4 thoughts on “Drag, drag, drag…

  1. I used to do a little bit of drag racing myself, on an approved track of course. ;) The equipment was as follows: 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS; 427 cubic inch engine,13:1 compression ratio, 625 Horespower; Hays 900 lb. competition clutch; Muncie M-22 4 speed transmission; Line Lock; 4:56 ratio differential. It ran about 10.8 seconds and 120mph in the quarter mile. Wanna race? :D

  2. Ooooooooo Chevy Chevelle! :D
    Oh baby ;)

    That is one heavy duty clutch.. o_O
    I need a heavier clutch!

    A 10.8 quarter mile is excellent for a ’70 Chevelle! Those things weighed a ton!

    You have such excellent taste…

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