Awards for me?! WOAH :D

So tonight is the govt3 awards ceremony. We have been nominated :D We being the fab four who worked on the communications for the MED govt3 stuff. In case someone should come across this I’ll say that it is the entire Ministry, but it was so hard to get people onside that meh :p~

So the ceremony is tonight, I’m wearing my dress. I get to hang with the big-wigs and the Prime Minister is going to be there, so yay.

I was really chuffed when I came into work this morning (after getting out of my wet clothes) because I had an envelope on my chair that had an award especially for me in it -_- I won the MED Communications Team Chocolate Fish Award – In recognition of outstanding web services provided on communications projects, and for working in with our team without resort to violence or voodoo dolls. I’m so touched! And I got a chocolate fish. I guess I’m appreciated, I certainly feel loved right now.

So while I had to wade across a knee-deep puddle just to get to work, I also have had a really, really good morning.

And I just wanna say that I love Hexie, and he showed me how I can have apostrophes and speech marks! Push the space key afterwards! YAY! You are my hero! <3

4 thoughts on “Awards for me?! WOAH :D

  1. /me hands over the chocolate fish.
    It got the marshmallow goodness!

    I think it has caramel under the chocolate coating too, a flash one, oooohhhhhhh!

  2. Wow, congratulations :D Only the best people in NZ get the Chocolate Fish. Oh yeah, pics of you in that dress!

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