Disturbed are so not disturbing…

So, I have to add another album to my top 10, but I’m not sure which one to remove. Disturbed – Ten Thousand Fists is just an amazing album. What a piece of art -_-

I was thinking I would remove Evanescence, but that album is very special to me, so maybe Tool (eek, how could I??)

Claire Voyant is another band I have been listening to a lot. From California I think. Some sort of gothic/rock/unknown genre. They seem to mix it up so much you can’t pinpoint them to any specific genre. Very clever ;) It also makes for music that never gets stale. So beautiful (big thanks to Oyn). Their self titled album is really good, but I like the Love is Blind album better. Gorgeous music.

It’s beautiful and sunny here in Wellington today, which makes a HUGE difference. Yesterday was gale force winds and flash flooding. o_O Severe weather warnings and the rest. Now it’s sunny. Generally when the weather mixes up like this you end up with a huge earthquake. We can only hope – how exciting would that be? :D It’s been ages since I felt a decent earthquake!

Back to work …. ¬_¬

7 thoughts on “Disturbed are so not disturbing…

  1. Why do you have to change your top 10? If you really like all the stuff on there than leave it :)

  2. Because the top 10 is always changing as new and great things come out. It’s a living collection.

    My tastes always change over time! :)

  3. But if I were to ever show you my favourite song list, you’ll see that it grows very slowly and things are rarely removed. But that’s like reading my diary -_-

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