Dutch what?!

Another restless night, I’m so tired. Monday night was awful; I went to sleep around 12:00am and woke up at 2:30am-ish. Then I just couldn’t get back to sleep and ended up laying there just with my mind going mental. I had the most bizarre dream… I ended up snoozing for about 20 minutes at 5:30am, which is a pain in the arse as I get up 6:00am and I could have had more sleep if I had more time to get into the zone!

I guess forgetting your last.fm password doesn’t pay off. I had to sign up again so I could share my music with a friend of mine who says it’s “l33t”. o_O But I’m there as bunnybunnz if you’re ever interested in finding out how LOW my compatibility with Hexie is. I think Hexie has some most excellent music, so just how reliable is this comparison eh?

So tired… -_-

Today had a really random start to the day at work. And I mean really random. I know that my password is up to number 14 (yeah, I have an imagination and increase it by 1 every month). But my password would not work this morning, and I ended up locking myself out of my system. So I had to call the helpdesk and they reset my password. And then it turns out I was getting it right, but my keyboard was in Dutch keyboard layout so the keys were different. Now that is really, really strange because I have never put my keyboard in Dutch format. Why would I do that? My computer was also two hours behind everyone yesterday when daylight savings came into effect… I think it has a mind of its own. But Dutch? Do you think it’s a sign?!

I’m going to try and nap for a bit now. I will hope that nobody notices. I don’t expect anyone else to come in until later. The benefits of working so early are you can nap before anyone gets to work.

2 thoughts on “Dutch what?!

  1. Your computer is obviously a very smart one. It wants to be Dutch because being Dutch means being wicked cool.

    Also, I’m entirely incompatible with the both of you. Must be because since I installed last.fm I’ve only listened to one album :P

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