Private posting?

Ok, so I figured out how to make private posts on this blog o_O

If you want access to read my deepest, darkest, scariest crap then you may request it, and I may decline you. Or you could just register for this blog here (somewhere) and I’ll give you access. Anyone can register here – how you do that I’m not sure…

Also, I have password protected private posts… So, ask me the password ;) (registering is kinda hard to do o_O)

So, a slow afternoon. There is a party/meeting thing tonight to do some more “Celebrating Success”. Which I think is also known as “Booze with the taxpayers money”. Meh, what you gonna do? I guess that’s the only perk we get. Seems a bit weird for a Tuesday, I guess public servants need it to get past Wednesday-Hump-Day. o_O

As in the hump in the middle of the week you need to cross over, not the public-service-orgy-humping day of the week. Random!

Summer ’95, those were the days -_-

This is probably one of the most awesome photos that I own.

That’s Dave, Glen and myself.

Dave is Dave, yes, Charlottes father. Look at how short he used to be, he used to ask me out a lot and I always said no cos he was so short -_- HAHA. He’s taller than me now though. That’s my wonky hair and wearing my Fox motorcross racing top. (I used to braid my hair to make it curly, now it just does it on it’s own >_<) Glen was my boyfriend at the time, my first REAL boyfriend (if you get my meaning), and we were together for years and years through high school. It ended under very suspicious circumstances, but we still talk. He lives around the corner. Far out, we look so young. Glen was 16, Dave and I were 15. It was summer and I lived in Stokes Valley. We used to spend all our time bumming around the house and listening to loud music. Riding our BMX’s, motorbikes, talking about random crap. Innocence was bliss. I just had to write about this, it was an awesome moment. Summer of ’95 was one time I’d definitely go back to :)

Boozy Taylor People

This is where it all started, that tendency to drink a lot. The first photo is my cousin Sussan stealing and drinking beer, the second is charlotte drinking someone else’s beer.

Yes, that’s me in the background (with severe bed hair) having a story read. I would have been about 4, so sussan would have been 2. And that is her mother (my Aunty Rae) going :o

Every other picture of me as a teenager my mother has contains me or my sister boozing it up. What a shocking family ;)

Isn’t it funny that the glasses are identical? o_O


Mansun – what a bizarre band. They have no genre they are psychedelic, rock, pop, electronic, and just strange. I’ve realised that one of the highest played songs on my iPod is Mansun’s Only Love Song. This is a song which is both horrendous and hideous, but at the same time so addictive and so wonderfully intricate. I can’t help but be amazed and totally drawn to it, it’s a masterpiece.

And now for a picture stolen with love from the official Mansun website.

Mansun resize

So a bit about Mansun… formed in Chester (yes, the UK) in 1995, they unfortunately disbanded in early 2003. I read in a magazine once that they formed the band because they were bored and wanted to get the hell out of Chester. I don’t know if they ever did get out of Chester, as they only ever had a fanbase of hardcore people like me. They were never a headlining act, even though the album Six went to number 1 in the UK charts. Their first EP was released under the name Manson (which made it hard to find) and then they changed to Mansun. Six albums were released, one a special Japanese bonus one which I’m lucky enough to have my hands on. Plus their greatest hits which I don’t own, but would really like to own! There is also a live album which I managed to grab, woot. Plus a few EP’s. Owning the entire collection would be a dream. The Greatest Hits collection was released after they ended – maybe they needed some cash to finally get out of Chester.

If I could recommend something to listen to, Mansun’s Only Love Song (of course), Wide Open Space, Six and maybe Negative or Anti-Everything. Six was a great album. You’ll get different versions of Six depending on if you get the UK or the US version of the album. It is strange that they would do that, but they are a very strange band. Pays to own both hmm? ;)

I wish I had bothered to look at their website before I tried to rack my memory of Mansun details. I now have a headache o_O Go to the Mansun website at

BTW, MANSUN IF YOU’RE READING THIS: try to change your homepage to index.html, otherwise people end up at a nasty search engine! Nobody types in frontpage.html into the address bar >_< Unless you really don’t want us to go to this site?? Then again, you last updated in 2000… I’m going to email you anyway -_-

Me? no way!?

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From: J Taylor [mailto:J.Taylor@******]
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hehe. It is true. You are scarily intelligent

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From: Michelle McClellan
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Am not!
Why would someone think that? O_O

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she is definitely scared of you Michelle. You can be quite intimidating you know :)

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We all think that.


Oh that can’t be true can it? O_O
Oh >_< you have to read it bottom up, because it’s an email!

A sunny Labour Day :o

It was so beautiful this Labour Day. That’s amazing because it ALWAYS rains on Labour Day. Needless to say we got the hell out of the house and went for a cruise with the cars. There were only two cars in this convoy but we still had a really good time. Ricky and his Supra (woot, went topless – the Supra, not Ricky) and we took the Mazda and our mulleted Neighbour Hayden.

We cruised around the Eastbourne Bays and went to the park. Then we came back down to the beach and just hung out and looked like a pack of bums. It was really hot, and it was nice for a change. Normally we freeze our arses off!

The cars went really well. That Supra totally pwns us, we finally met our match. I guess having an engine 2x the size with a hefty mother of a turbo on it kind of gives it an advantage.

I have some movies of us, but it has Hayden singing Bohemian Rhapsody, so erm.. ;) We’ll see about putting those on YouTube – HAHA! Woohoo!

Here’s a few photos, you can view the rest in the Picasa web album.

Wow, the wind is so strong out there that the barriers which were erected for the roadworks just blew over o_O and went up onto the digger they are using. I took some photos out the office window – never leave home without your camera! Trust me to leave home without my camera cable though eh, I’ll have to upload the photos when I get home.