Turbo-power goodyness (with a heart attack to boot)!

So, today was a good day, got to take Ricky’s car to work. phaaaaaaaaat. It’s one of the oldschool style Supras, and has balls of steel. I had good times.

Today I will present you with my journey as I exited the house. You’ll see that I had a problem getting to the car….

So needless to say, Charlotte woke up – as did half my neighbourhood as I proceeded to scream my lungs out (it was like when Spongebob couldn’t stop screaming). It’s too late in the day (well, it’s before 7am) to save it. And even if it wasn’t dead I would have found something big and hard to kill the fucker with.

Mum came out and saved me -_- She said it was dead so I got up close and took some photos, and put 50c next to it for comparison, but it came out blurry. i was all up close and Mum goes “oh, it can’t be dead, it’s not curled up”. BITCH. I had to go inside and change my pants pretty much. The spider is about 50-60mm long. Eww! If it wasn’t for my insane need to take photos of everything then I wouldn’t have even left the house until someone had moved the damn thing. And if it was alive and nobody wanted to move it, I would have called in sick (for real, honest).

The Supra was mega coolies. The stereo was so confusing that I just had to sing instead. I took that photo while crawling around taking photos of the spider.

EDIT: THE FUCKER WASN’T DEAD >_< he walked off, and i vomited in the garden :s

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