Spectacular photography

This is a photo which I have been searching high and low for, for many years too! Julia at work said she knew where to find it and hey-presto. If this is not a photo you have seen before then you are either very sheltered or an uncultured moominbum.

An amazing piece of art. I really wish I had just become a photographer. When I was younger I used to get all the National Geographic magazines and I would just look at them for the photos. Such amazing work.

Take a really close look at the camels… click on the image to see a bigger one over at Google albums.

This is copyright National Geographic (probably) and used without permissions… ;)

6 thoughts on “Spectacular photography

  1. You can find amazing views like this on google earth as well in Africa, thats also Nat Geo content I think, but you need to zoom in like crazy.

  2. I would hope that if someone was on Google earth and saw something like that then they would bookmark it on there. Or small settlements.

    Or in the middle of Iraq if they saw a terrorist encampment.

    Do you think the CIA uses Google earth to monitor the desert? Hmm, no they probably have access to the satellites real-time.

  3. I think satellite images for civilian use are only allowed to show a detail level of up to 40 cm per pixel, the desert views are shot from an airplane. Whole The Netherlands has been reshot from a plane this year and its going to be available for google earth in 2008 or 2009 so you zoom in even further on my house ;)

    America keeps an eye on the world with their own spy satellite network, and can zoom in even further than that 40cm per pixel resolution. Big brother is definately watching you!

  4. hexie

    i remember you mate

    remember me

    i used to hang in abandongames a couple of years back till your old pome friends kicked me out.

    and the military can zoom in so close that they can see a bull ant crawling across the ground.

    they can also send a missile will pin point accuracy straight through a window even.

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