No Apple iPhone for us :(

Awww gutted. It’s official, Vodafone have told us to go fuck ourselves.
iPhone decision cuts off fans’ hopes []
Now, stuff always remove their stories after a few days so that Fairfax can charge people the earth to get access, so I’m going to do some quoting…

Vodafone spokesman Paul Brislen said yesterday that the telecommunications giant was unlikely to enter negotiations with Apple over the release of the handset, which is sold in the United States and Britain.

“It’s a watching brief but it is not on Vodafone New Zealand’s road map for the rest of the year, and it could be years before we see it here, if we ever do,” he said.

The iPhone, a combination of a cellphone and the popular iPod, sells for US$399 exclusively on the AT&T network and more than one million handsets have been sold in the US so far.

Despite the lack of availability, some of New Zealand’s three million cellphone users have managed to get their hands on the phones, with one Tauranga importer receiving shipments from the US, and a Christchurch business providing a Sim card which allows the iPhone to be used on the Vodafone NZ network.

Layton Duncan, who sells the TurboSIM for $299, said there was huge demand for the Sim card, with his last shipment selling out.

Apple is set to release a third system upgrade this week in an attempt to flush out the hackers who have unlocked the phone and are using it on other networks.

So… you could use the simcard thingy, but what good is that when you can’t use a system upgrade? And God knows you’re going to need one with the first generation iPhone! And lots of the services aren’t even available on our third world networks here. We’re also at a standstill because they can’t go with any other operator, there is only Telecom and they look like children compared to Vodafone, and Vodafone look like imbeciles compared to the rest of the world’s networks. You can’t even switch your phones between Vodafone and Telecom to get a better deal because they are so different. Remember, Telecom don’t know what a simcard is ;)

So we need a new operator, who can support new technologies. And iPhones, because I really want one :(

2 thoughts on “No Apple iPhone for us :(

  1. Who the hell cares about the iPhone? It’s a phone. It’s not some kind of second coming (and who the HELL thought of calling a stupid smartphone with snazzy graphics and multitouch a JESUSphone? Honestly!)

    I don’t understand the hype. Why would I want an iPhone? My phone is in my pocket unless I’m sending an SMS or actually phoning someone. I like my phone to not be there unless I need it. My phone does MP3, photos, videos, GPRS and EDGE (if I was willing to pay for it, that is), runs Opera and it sends texts and I can videochat.

    And unlike the iPhone I don’t have to look at it while pressing buttons because of the stupid touchscreen. It’s not intuitive – it’s new. It’s a gadget.

    Bah. I thought I was done ranting about how much hype surrounds the iPhone, but then you come along.


  2. But I only want it cos I cant have it!!!! I believe we should be given the choice!

    Other than that I have no use for it, but to fill up another corner in my handbag – kind of like my regular cellphone does o_O I haven’t had to do a credit top-up in about 15 months >_< Screw the iPhone, I want your phone :O

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