Bored bored bored

I’ve been very bored today. Hexie went to bed and there was nobody left to entertain me. I tried to entertain myself and I made some things in Macromedia Fireworks. Yes, there is work to be done, but I couldn’t really get into it. My calendar looks SO empty this week, I only have about four meetings.

Here’s what I made in Fireworks:

tee hee hee… if you don’t get it then you need to go and read about the Canadians and their seal clubbing thing. Go and read about it on Wikipedia!

I was also thinking about forming a band. If I formed a band then I would have a heavy metal band called Golden Axe. On one hand to prove that Golden Axe can actually not rape your ears when it’s heard (like the game) and it’s just a fantastic name. I’ll play bass guitar cos it’s what I’m best at. Or keyboards, because I’ve been playing piano since I was 8, or even guitar, I like to play guitar. (I can even play the flute quite well, but we’ll leave flutes out of it).

Also, a discussion was held today about what senses we could live without. I immediately said taste, infact losing taste would make life so much easier, but that was cheating :p Okay, cheating? It’s a sense damnit! I think I would rather lose my sight than my hearing. I like to be able to see, but I don’t think I would live long without music. Music is like air.

So for now, I will rock out with Charlotte on the pots and pans, and me on the guitar.

Join my Golden Axe band, WE WILL ROCK YOU! ;)

4 thoughts on “Bored bored bored

  1. Hell yes. We’ll even have a CD on :P (STOP GOOGLING).

    Don’t you agree that Golden Axe is a great name?

    Do you think you can do some heavy metal? Or maybe we will be more like Spiderbait and do some Arse Huggin’ Pants, then some Black Betty, then some pop music. Variety central indeed.

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