My new nephew Caleb

Caleb was born on the 6 September at 11.42pm. 8lbs 10oz. Yes, we live in a decimal country here in New Zealand, but babies are still weighed in the old-school style. And we still do the old-school height (I’m 5’7″).

He’s really small, well big for a baby, but seems small to me. This is a photo I took of him when I was visiting them in hospital on the 8th. I must have cuddled him for hours -_-. They smell so nice and he was all snuggling and grunting. Totally cute.

He looks more like his dad than his mum in this photo, but then all newborn babies do look similar. They need to stretch out into their skin. He’s changed a bit now :)

I theoretically have 3 nieces and 2 nephews already, but Caleb feels like the first – I don’t have much to do with the others unfortunately. I’m looking forward to him getting older and playing with Charlotte, I know they’ll have so much fun.


Good going sis, you did a great job :)

4 thoughts on “My new nephew Caleb

  1. hey bunnzy

    remember me your old mate petchy

    we lost track a couple of years ago and well just saying hello

  2. we should catch up on msn some time

    you could almost say i been missing ya

    and i never thought i would miss a Kiwi lol

    anyways i hope we can catch up

    i understand if you dont want to though or sort of anyways.

    good to see you again

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