Gerry McGovern – web guru

Gerry McGovern is the man, it’s as simple as that. If you have anything to do with the web – developing, maintaining or authoring content, managing a web services team etc then you need to get in the know with this man’s teachings.

I was lucky enough to get to one of his workshops a week ago. I ended up on the waiting list – and lucky for me someone pulled out. I came away inspired, overwhelmed and completely confused. I didn’t know what to do next! Could I revamp everything that was happening? It was so much to take in. I guess all I can do is start at the beginning.

He has a few really good points:

  1. writers are never taken seriously
  2. web services and content management/creation is never taken seriously by management/senior management
  3. we have become “putter-uppers”, uploading millions of pages of crap that nobody wants
  4. when you upload crap you don’t give people more information, you make it harder for people to find what they need
  5. if we don’t take ourselves seriously, and respect what we do and our timeframes/deadlines then nobody else will. We need to act like professionals – expect to be treated like professionals – and we will be treated like professionals. Be upfront about your standards, your timeframes. Enforce them by demanding respect, not being mean
  6. tasks, tasks, tasks, tasks, people want to perform tasks, not sit and absorb crappy information (read: ministerial media statements)
  7. we need to re-evaluate exactly what the tasks are our sites are there for, go back to the core tasks and do them well.

And that’s only a small part of what he had to say. :)

If you ever do get the chance then you should attend one of his talks or seminars. He’ll inspire you to do things the correct way, and to stand up and be strong and firm in your role as a webmaster.

Check out Gerry McGoverns website, and subscribe to his mailing list. Plus you can also buy his latest book Killer Web Content that covers everything he spoke about

Oh, and only the Irish could give a two-day workshop and keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time! :D

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