Top 10 albums of all time (for today)

I’ve yet to decide the order.. but it’s as follows:

Radiohead – The Bends
Mudvayne – The End of all Things to Come
The Tea Party – TRIPtych
Muse – Absolution
Metallica – Metallica
Pearl Jam – Ten
Tool – Undertow
Soundgarden – Superunknown
Nirvana – Nevermind
Evanescence – Fallen

I am having to grapple with the fact that I think Alice in Chains should be in there, plus the Smashing Pumpkins. I also believe there are others which I maybe just can’t think of. But by far those are ownage for sure. Unsure if Evanescence should be there, I could probably take that out and put Candlebox in, or Origin of Symmetry by Muse. We’ll see how I feel next week ;)

Turbo-power goodyness (with a heart attack to boot)!

So, today was a good day, got to take Ricky’s car to work. phaaaaaaaaat. It’s one of the oldschool style Supras, and has balls of steel. I had good times.

Today I will present you with my journey as I exited the house. You’ll see that I had a problem getting to the car….

So needless to say, Charlotte woke up – as did half my neighbourhood as I proceeded to scream my lungs out (it was like when Spongebob couldn’t stop screaming). It’s too late in the day (well, it’s before 7am) to save it. And even if it wasn’t dead I would have found something big and hard to kill the fucker with.

Mum came out and saved me -_- She said it was dead so I got up close and took some photos, and put 50c next to it for comparison, but it came out blurry. i was all up close and Mum goes “oh, it can’t be dead, it’s not curled up”. BITCH. I had to go inside and change my pants pretty much. The spider is about 50-60mm long. Eww! If it wasn’t for my insane need to take photos of everything then I wouldn’t have even left the house until someone had moved the damn thing. And if it was alive and nobody wanted to move it, I would have called in sick (for real, honest).

The Supra was mega coolies. The stereo was so confusing that I just had to sing instead. I took that photo while crawling around taking photos of the spider.

EDIT: THE FUCKER WASN’T DEAD >_< he walked off, and i vomited in the garden :s

No Apple iPhone for us :(

Awww gutted. It’s official, Vodafone have told us to go fuck ourselves.
iPhone decision cuts off fans’ hopes []
Now, stuff always remove their stories after a few days so that Fairfax can charge people the earth to get access, so I’m going to do some quoting…

Vodafone spokesman Paul Brislen said yesterday that the telecommunications giant was unlikely to enter negotiations with Apple over the release of the handset, which is sold in the United States and Britain.

“It’s a watching brief but it is not on Vodafone New Zealand’s road map for the rest of the year, and it could be years before we see it here, if we ever do,” he said.

The iPhone, a combination of a cellphone and the popular iPod, sells for US$399 exclusively on the AT&T network and more than one million handsets have been sold in the US so far.

Despite the lack of availability, some of New Zealand’s three million cellphone users have managed to get their hands on the phones, with one Tauranga importer receiving shipments from the US, and a Christchurch business providing a Sim card which allows the iPhone to be used on the Vodafone NZ network.

Layton Duncan, who sells the TurboSIM for $299, said there was huge demand for the Sim card, with his last shipment selling out.

Apple is set to release a third system upgrade this week in an attempt to flush out the hackers who have unlocked the phone and are using it on other networks.

So… you could use the simcard thingy, but what good is that when you can’t use a system upgrade? And God knows you’re going to need one with the first generation iPhone! And lots of the services aren’t even available on our third world networks here. We’re also at a standstill because they can’t go with any other operator, there is only Telecom and they look like children compared to Vodafone, and Vodafone look like imbeciles compared to the rest of the world’s networks. You can’t even switch your phones between Vodafone and Telecom to get a better deal because they are so different. Remember, Telecom don’t know what a simcard is ;)

So we need a new operator, who can support new technologies. And iPhones, because I really want one :(

Spectacular photography

This is a photo which I have been searching high and low for, for many years too! Julia at work said she knew where to find it and hey-presto. If this is not a photo you have seen before then you are either very sheltered or an uncultured moominbum.

An amazing piece of art. I really wish I had just become a photographer. When I was younger I used to get all the National Geographic magazines and I would just look at them for the photos. Such amazing work.

Take a really close look at the camels… click on the image to see a bigger one over at Google albums.

This is copyright National Geographic (probably) and used without permissions… ;)

Bored bored bored

I’ve been very bored today. Hexie went to bed and there was nobody left to entertain me. I tried to entertain myself and I made some things in Macromedia Fireworks. Yes, there is work to be done, but I couldn’t really get into it. My calendar looks SO empty this week, I only have about four meetings.

Here’s what I made in Fireworks:

tee hee hee… if you don’t get it then you need to go and read about the Canadians and their seal clubbing thing. Go and read about it on Wikipedia!

I was also thinking about forming a band. If I formed a band then I would have a heavy metal band called Golden Axe. On one hand to prove that Golden Axe can actually not rape your ears when it’s heard (like the game) and it’s just a fantastic name. I’ll play bass guitar cos it’s what I’m best at. Or keyboards, because I’ve been playing piano since I was 8, or even guitar, I like to play guitar. (I can even play the flute quite well, but we’ll leave flutes out of it).

Also, a discussion was held today about what senses we could live without. I immediately said taste, infact losing taste would make life so much easier, but that was cheating :p Okay, cheating? It’s a sense damnit! I think I would rather lose my sight than my hearing. I like to be able to see, but I don’t think I would live long without music. Music is like air.

So for now, I will rock out with Charlotte on the pots and pans, and me on the guitar.

Join my Golden Axe band, WE WILL ROCK YOU! ;)

My new nephew Caleb

Caleb was born on the 6 September at 11.42pm. 8lbs 10oz. Yes, we live in a decimal country here in New Zealand, but babies are still weighed in the old-school style. And we still do the old-school height (I’m 5’7″).

He’s really small, well big for a baby, but seems small to me. This is a photo I took of him when I was visiting them in hospital on the 8th. I must have cuddled him for hours -_-. They smell so nice and he was all snuggling and grunting. Totally cute.

He looks more like his dad than his mum in this photo, but then all newborn babies do look similar. They need to stretch out into their skin. He’s changed a bit now :)

I theoretically have 3 nieces and 2 nephews already, but Caleb feels like the first – I don’t have much to do with the others unfortunately. I’m looking forward to him getting older and playing with Charlotte, I know they’ll have so much fun.


Good going sis, you did a great job :)

My best friend

Talking to Oyn reminded me that I never talk a lot about my best friend. My best friend is my PSP. We go everywhere together. He’s running on custom firmware 3.4-oe.

He runs gPSP and plays all my kickass roms. I’m half way through Klonoa again and still going hard with Pokemon Emerald. PSX iso’s work on the CF, just iso them up using cdrwin or something, then you can use popstation or something to convert them and then bung them in your GAME folder on your psp and bob’s your uncle :) I might write a new guide for the FFIX one as I managed to get it working across roms, but it required the help of about 6 different blogs and forums :p Same with any multi-disk game I guess, you need to patch your saved game file so it points to each rom in turn. Bah, nuff bout that.

If you don’t have a PSP then get one. But don’t get a slimline, as they are disappointing.

I already have my hands full with the games I have, but next I must get dosbox working on it. I think there is a scummvm release to play lucasarts games on here, but that seems a bit pointless!

Chrome PSP

Today is chrome bling day. Tomorrow will be something different. Depends on what I’m wearing eh? ;) God look at how dirty it is! Totally needs some cleaning action.

Ricki kicks some complete arse…

I can’t fucking believe it. This is completely for real. Ricky was dealt a 2 and a 5, and the flop delivered him 3 5’s, so he had 4-of-a-kind – a RARE hand. Then the river and turn cards were both 2’s. What are the odds of that? It’s a for cash game, and he wasn’t dealing. This was not a cheating hand.

Ricky’s Amazing Poker Hand

Results: Michelle comes third! :D That’s better than last time. We have 7 players and I normally come sixth. Ricky won.